DesFosterHope AIM

To provide NYS communities youth age 16-30- advocacy, guidance and resources to address the quality of their social determinant of health. In order to improve basic hierarchy of needs in each NYS county- Raise awareness, implement equitable education and employment programs. Using Community Board Organizations as access points to determine vulnerable persons within the 16-30 age group. Monitor their academic and employability matrix in initial , baseline, stability phases-Triannual, Bi-annual & annual assessments.

The goal is to teach one the value of a dollar. Learning ongoing self-motivated and cost-effective money management skills.
Let’s go. #Let us Rise #Let us ignite. As a student of life, I have attempted to strategically and intelligently make decisions to be physically engaged in making some strides towards advocacy for cultural significance to be additional education, & health requirement I looking at the human condition.

I am continually studying and at service with some gratitude.
I mean this Globally!!! Looking at the person-centered approach to developing healthcare and education administrations. As I identify, effective and accountable resources in our communities?

I’ll coordinate with colleagues, peers, friends to bring you information here in this space.

• Recreation for Community
• Transportation for community
• Animals for therapy, being able to care for these animals.
• Being a global citizen.
• ACCESS TO Education/health/behavioral health

I may author some testimonies in hope of inspiring others to persevere- I hope this platform & program evokes a purpose-driven life. As the words destiny & perseverance evokes in me a purpose to foster hope in others during times of despair. Each persons journey takes one along the path of resilience in times of adversity. Thus will use this platform to use collective resources to address social determinants of health of NYS.

Thinking of all these great ideas, “thinking of a master plan”-Eric B. & Rakim

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