Faith, the various roots planted by seed of love, commitment, compassion and gratitude. Self worth, economic valuation. One seed at a time eventually sprouts good harvest. It is vital that one is capable of nurturing each seed at once and learn the art of balance.

What is mustard seed faith? It’s trusting that all will fall into place in due time. Its taking a few steps back and self evaluating. It is a roar, a song and dance when after all is said & done, the long nights, the fights, the health scares, the losses the grief you still have hope it will get better . It is all the other human intangibles. All the things I can’t explain yet have endured. Have molded me into the person I am today. My faith allowed me to develop patience. Having mustard seed faith is believing in a greater tomorrow.

I’ve come thus far because I had a small village of support. Just as I acknowledge there are scholars in need of a reason to have hope and believe in a greater good.

I encourage you too practice #Perseverance through flight or fight mode; making time for #Selfcare in-spite of being overwhelmed. I acknowledge #Compassion for others-stop and listen, share a kit-kat or donate a hat. Being teachable & practice #Humility we do not know everything nor will we ever become desensitized to another persons plight for advocacy or assistance. I am forever learning #teachable.

#Desfosterhope has mustard seed faith that those interested in ioining the conversation for effective change, & developing #SMARTGOALS for individuals & together as nation.

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