Focusing on Data Intent

According to the Child Welfare League of America statistics, within these past five years, 3.3 million reports of abuse against children, resulting in 251,764  removals and placement into foster care. although promised safety, family, and home by age 18-21 many emancipate themselves out of care and others age out of foster care. 23,439 out of the 251,764 are without family and stable home. 1 in 5 are assessed to be homeless after age 18,  only half will be employed, less than 3% will earn a college degree, 71 % of young women will be pregnant by age 21, and 1 in 4 will experience Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Join me in inspiring family, friends, and our communities across the globe, to tap into their inner strengths despite adversities (ambiguities, bigotry, corruption, a devious bureaucratic red tape which creates counterproductive policies to assess and address basic human necessities. It is MY-OUR duty to create peaceful & healthy earth for every living creature every day granted the breath of life.

When life’s journey has reached its end, what will be said you did with your life. Have you made a positive difference in someone’s life?

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